Walmyr Assessment Scales Electronic Administration System


The Walmyr Assessment Scales Electronic Administration System (WAS EASy) enables you to administer any Walmyr Assessment Scale on a computer or mobile device whether in your office or in the privacy of the clients' own home via our secure website. Using WAS EASy, you have instant access to our complete set of assessment scales at a vastly reduced price. Set up an online administration in a matter of seconds. Use the scales you need when you need them. Complete privacy for your clients. And you get calculated scores the moment your respondent completes the assessment.

The following browsers & versions are supported:

  • Edge v15+
  • Firefox v28+
  • Chrome v29+
  • Safari v9+
  • Opera v17+
  • Chrome/Android v71+
  • Firefox/Android v64+

To learn more about WAS EASy, watch the video tour at http://www.walmyr.com/waseasy!

Price: $0.25 $0.17 each
Availability: Buy now!

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Free Online Scoring

When you buy printed scales from our Walmyr Store, you can now score them free in WAS EASy. (This feature takes the place of our sunsetted product, WASSPWeb.)