Index of Sexual Satisfaction


The Index of Sexual Satisfaction measures the degree of sexual discord or dissatisfaction that is felt or perceived by a client with respect to the sexual relationship with a partner or spouse. The items on the ISS were designed so that they will not be offensive or repugnant to people having different moral convictions and attitudes with respect to human sexual behavior. Although the ISS and IMS scales tend to be highly correlated with one another, they measure two different problems. Neither of these scales can be used as a substitute for the other. This is a printed scale for in-person administration. If you wish to administer this or any other Walmyr assessment scale via computer, visit

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Reliability: 0.90
Validity: 0.60
Clinical Cutting Score:   30
Reading Level: 5
Author(s): Walter W. Hudson

Scoring instructions are found in the Walmyr Assessment Scale Scoring Manual (WASSM), available in print and electronic formats. All scales purchased from us are eligible for free online scoring. For more information, see

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