Index of Self-Esteem


The Index of Self-Esteem is designed to measure the severity of problems with self-esteem. Scores range from 0 to 100 where higher scores indicate greater problems with self-esteem. Because depression and low self-esteem tend to correlate highly with one another, the GCS scale should be administered to clients who have large ISE scores in order to evaluate the severity of the probable depressive reaction. However, these scales measure two different problems and must not be used as substitutes for one another. This is a printed scale for in-person administration. If you wish to administer this or any other Walmyr assessment scale via computer, visit

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Reliability: 0.90
Validity: 0.60
Clinical Cutting Score:   30
Reading Level: 4
Author(s): Walter W. Hudson

Scoring instructions are found in the Walmyr Assessment Scale Scoring Manual (WASSM), available in print and electronic formats.

Price: $25.00 per pad (50 copies)
Availability: 1-3 days

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