Assessment Scales

Do you need a simple yet highly effective way to measure the severity of your clients' problems? Do you need to measure and demonstrate good quality assurance in terms of results? In terms of outcomes? For three decades, human services professionals worldwide have relied on the Walmyr Assessment Scales to evaluate and monitor client progress.

Walmyr assessment scales are powerful yet simple tools which you can use to evaluate and monitor client progress.

We ship printed scales to the following locations: United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Puerto Rico


Scoring Manual

The Walmyr Assessment Scale Scoring Manual (WASSM) explains how to administer, score and interpret all the short-form assessment scales. It includes sample copies of each scale. Print and PDF editions available.

MPSI Technical Manual

The MPSI Technical Manual is the complete reference for the Multi-Dimensional Assessment Scales MPSI, MAAS, and BAAS. It includes general information about the instruments, administration and scoring instructions, and directions for interpreting the results. You will also find the complete reliability and validity data for each of the subscales. Available in English and Spanish.


Online Scoring

When you buy printed scales from our Walmyr Store, you can now score them free in WAS EASy. (This feature takes the place of our sunsetted product, WASSPWeb.)

Online Administration

If you prefer to administer the scales on a computer, the Walmyr Assessment Scale Electronic Administration System (WAS EASy) makes it simple and affordable. Best of all, the scoring is done automatically when your client submits their responses.

Phone and Mail Orders

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